Tarot Readings

I have been reading tarot cards since 2001, 

at venues as varied as the Georgia Renaissance Festival, 

Underground Atlanta, The Masquerade, and ModernMystic Shop.  

Readings cover past, present and future with emphasis on free will and the law of attraction. Tarot can help you to release the past, make better decisions in the present and attract the future that you desire.



Individual Live Readings:   $120 for an hour

Empress Tea Party including a tea party, meditative dance exercises and tarot for up to three people,

approximately two hours: $200

Tarot Parties at your location: $120 an hour,

                                                        $200 minimum

Email readings delivered within 72 hours.

$120, the equivalent of a 60 minute in-person reading.

Includes 12-24 tarot cards, lenormand, and "bonus round" from the Empress Tea Party deck.

Name, birthday and up to two question(s) should be submitted to empresskittylove@gmail.com

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