Empress Kitty Love has been guiding women to explore their inner Love Goddess through dance and ritual since 2001.

Sensual Dance for Goddess Confidence


Enjoying our bodies can be the first step to loving our bodies. Put away the mirrors and the measuring tape to find new ways to enjoy and appreciate the skin you are in.  We will use exercises to get you in touch with your body and rhythm through dance. This a secular class appropriate for all backgrounds.  

Available as an online private class, $60

Meditative Dance for Psychic Protection


We use movement, chakras and elemental energy to create an "energy field" between you and your environment.

Especially good for psychics, empaths, healers and artists.

Appropriate for all fitness levels, no dance experience needed.  This class is designed Highly Sensitive People and/or people who have difficulty with sitting still during meditation.

Available as private online coaching, $60



Love Goddess Experience


For adult women only.  

Some pre-requisites may be required.  

Varies by the needs and desires of the individual.

Increase sensuality, embrace body confidence, experience spiritual 

connection, and sexual satisfaction.

This is the ultimate program for self-care and balancing your masculine achievements with being present in the Sacred Feminine.

Six month program includes  weekly coaching calls and a monthly online video dance session.

Contact me directly to discuss logistics and co-create a curriculum custom to your experience and needs.

$3000  USD

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